12. Parking — Policy and Practice

Access to the Nursery by car requires care and consideration, to minimise both the potential for accidents and impact on local residents. The Nursery sets the following guidelines to minimise traffic congestion and safety hazards on arrival or departure:

  • Parents/carers who live near the Nursery are encouraged to bring their children to the Nursery on foot if this is practicable.
  • Parents/carers living near other parents/carers are encouraged to car share when this is practicable, to reduce the number of traffic movements in Wedmans Lane.
  • Parents/carers in cars are requested to observe voluntary speed limits of 20 mph in Wedmans Lane and 10 mph in the drive to the Nursery, and to show consideration to pedestrians and local residents at all times.
  • Parents/carers arriving at the Nursery in cars are requested to park in a row facing the outer fence of the parking area, starting at the willow tree. No parking in the turning bays (in front of the garages and the transverse footpath) is permitted.
  • Parking is also permitted adjacent to the panel fence on the left hand side of the drive when approaching the Nursery (not on the hedge side), but vehicle access to the main parking area must be maintained at all times.
  • Parents should not park in Wedmans Lane, Lampard’s Place, on the grass verges or on driveways to neighbouring properties which creates nuisance for local residents and potential complaints about Anchors.
  • Parents/carers in cars are encouraged to minimise the time parked at the Nursery to reduce congestion from multiple cars manoeuvering in the restricted parking area.
  • The parking area is used as an additional play area and can only be set up when the last car has gone.
  • Parents/carers in cars should turn in the turning bays (in front of the garages and the transverse footpath) and not reverse down the drive causing added hazard.
  • Parents/carers on foot and in cars are requested to be particularly careful at the turning into the drive to the Nursery or out of it onto Wedmans Lane, where accidents can easily happen.
  • Adults are reminded that cars can be dangerous, and that vigilance is required at all times in the parking areas at the Nursery where young children may be present.
  • It is the responsibility of each parent/carer to ensure that their child is using a legally compliant, correctly fitted car seat for their child’s age and stage.
  • The Nursery and its play area is fenced off from the parking area. Adults are required to leave the gate closed and bolted on the outside whenever entering or leaving the Nursery. The rule is that children must not open the gate, only adults.


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