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Anchors is a small private nursery school in the village of Rotherwick, Hampshire. The purpose-built accommodation is situated in the grounds of October House. The nursery has its own secure outdoor play area, adjacent to fields.

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Anchors provides for up to 18 children per session. The nursery operates five morning sessions (08:45 to 12:15, Monday to Friday). On Monday to Thursday, sessions can be extended to include lunchtime (to 13:00) or afternoons (to 15:30), subject to demand. The number of afternoons offered in the autumn term may be reduced due to shorter attendance generally being more suitable for the younger children. Sessions are arranged in three school terms each year, each term of approximately 11 weeks.

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Children are accepted at Anchors from their 2nd birthday. The youngest children join our Midshipmen group. The emphasis is on the three prime areas, being: personal, social and emotional development; communication and language; physical development. The young children start building strong attachments with the staff and each other.

During each child’s first year, we complete the two year progress check in consultation with parents/carers and health visitors.

Children typically attend 2 morning sessions per week initially. Normally, this would increase during the year to 4 sessions per week in line with the child’s development. The precise attendance pattern for each child is determined in consultation with parents/carers.

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Children normally move to the Admirals group for their second year. By now, children are generally more independent and are hungry to learn more. We see it as our role to stimulate each child’s desire to learn and to encourage a love of learning. We encourage children in this group to attend all 5 mornings per week. This continuity enables the children to form stronger relationships with staff and their peers in a routine which prepares them for entry to school.

There is the opportunity for the children in Midshipmen and Admirals groups to attend full days as available (early booking is advisable).

We have a simple uniform, consisting of polo shirts and sweatshirts with the Anchors logo. These items are available from the Nursery.

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