Old Sea Dogs – what parents like most about Anchors

(from 2015 Questionnaire)


We have felt supported every step of the way, The staff really make you feel that your child is an individual and really cared for. I also think the range of activities and lessons are fantastic. KBS


The experience and positive demeanour of the staff is second to none, and their buoyancy carries through into the nursery’s atmosphere. Each member of staff is excellent with the children and equally brilliant at communicating with the parents. The nursery is highly professional. I love the structure and stimulation it has given to all my children, and the high expectations it sets and achieves. GF


The structure in the day and the varied activities the children do. The structure gives them a great start when they start at school. I love the music, science and French lessons, they do not even know they are learning because it’s so much fun. MW


As soon as your child starts at Anchors, they join a family where they are loved, valued and treasured. Parents are supported and welcomed into the family just like their children. There is a high staff/pupil ratio and the staff are well qualified and extremely knowledgeable. The staff are interested in the children and passionate about what they are doing. What is outstanding is that every member of staff knows every child and you can ask any staff member a question about your child and they will be able to answer. Sports day was an excellent example of Anchors’ high standards and expectations of the children: it highlighted how staff want every child to do well and to reach their potential. At Anchors they see each child’s potential and strive to create eager learners. The main display board is always magical. HU


Friendly welcoming staff, well-structured activities and comprehensive reports. JHaC


I love that my daughter is so excited to go to the nursery. She really feels safe and secure, and has loads of fun whilst soaking in all she can through play. Staff are all very friendly, extremely professional and approachable. AE


The feeling that your child is always cared for and made to feel safe and secure at all times. I never worry about her when she is at Anchors! Followed closely by the huge amount they learn. SH


Anchors offers a safe, warm and stimulating environment. The activities available offer each child the opportunity to get involved at their own pace. The main thing that really stands out is how much the staff care about each and every child … and their mummies. Anchors is a truly wonderful pre-school – we have been very lucky. NI


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